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Performance Test Cycle

Mobile Application Testing

Mobile app testing is the process through which apps are tested for certain quality, functionality, compatibility, usability, performance, and other characteristics. Mobile testing is not the same as software testing, mobile apps are much more than small programs with less functionality. Every physical device impacts the UX, there are multiple platforms, devices to choose from and that are required to support.

Performance Test Cycle

Test of performance

Performance tests are carried out to provide stakeholders with information about their application regarding speed, stability, and scalability. Most importantly, performance testing discovers what needs to be improved before the product is released to the market. Without performance testing, the software is likely to suffer from problems such as: slow running while multiple users are using it simultaneously, inconsistencies during execution between different operating systems, and poor usability.

Performance Test Cycle

Application Performance Management

Application Performance Management (APM) allows users to gain visibility by monitoring, measuring, and managing infrastructure and application services from inside and outside the firewall. This end-to-end, top-down lifecycle is a solution for even the most complex environments. This solution links business services to the underlying IT components to provide information about the impact of failures.