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It is a comprehensive distance education platform. Our solution allows teachers to give classes to students in real time; through our virtual classroom. Additionally, it allows institutions to publish classes online for students to consume at their own pace.

Performance Test Cycle


Diagnostico, is our portfolio of value-added services to the medical sector, built around our Electronic Medical Record application.

Our file is a friendly and accessible solution that allows you to keep track of your medical records. It does not require investments in equipment or maintenance, all your information is safe in the cloud, through the use of security certificates, similar to those used by financial institutions to carry out banking operations.

Performance Test Cycle

Simple packages without so much hassle, we have the exact formula to put you on the Internet quickly and without pain, you take care of your business, we take care of your website.

On demand, our sites are designed and programmed by our team specialized in internet sites, we make sure that they meet industry standards and that they have the ideal marketing impact for each business.